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Skilled diverse young talent on demand
We grow their skills, you grow their experience, they grow your business.


We seek to support you with value beyond capital and on-demand access to skilled talent is undoubtedly a commercial advantage that every fast-growing business needs.

That is why we are delighted to introduce our community to Workfinder, a service that connects growing businesses to an untapped talent pool of millions of skilled young people from across the UK. We want all our growing businesses to use the service to your advantage and join us in our mission to nurture the next generation of businesses by supporting the next generation of talent.


Martlet portfolio companies have access to a 20% discount on placement fees when you register through the link below.

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Dan Leighton – Founder – Agilis AI

Company size: 1-10 employees

Project: Product Development

“We’ve had two fantastic interns through Workfinder who arrived ready and ‘pre-prepared’ to contribute to our business. I believe a lot of that is down to the approach Workfinder took in structuring the internship. The students have made genuinely valuable contributions to our new assessment product.  Many of their inputs are now featured in the live codebase – and they will be representing the product at a startup festival on our behalf next month!”


Dan Cottrell – Founder and Podcaster-In-Chief @ The Podcast Guys

Company size: 11-50 employees

Project: Digital Marketing

“We are a start-up agency that is growing rapidly. Thanks to Workfinder, we managed to find a fantastic intern to join us in the capacity of a Digital Marketing Executive to manage all of our own agency marketing requirements so that we can fully focus on delivering for our clients. I would highly recommend Workfinder if you need access to first class talent in a short space of time to help you to scale up your business in a cost effective way. We will definitely be using Workfinder to support the next phase of our growth.”


Nick Barratt – Director – Sticks Research Agency

Company size: 11-50 employees

Project: Company Rebrand and Website Design

“We used Workfinder to build a small team to deliver a long-overdue rebranding and website redesign exercise. Using their profiles, it was quick and easy to spot complimentary skillsets and, following some basic interviews, select the right candidates to deliver the brief. The work has added a huge amount of value to our business, as we’ve found an increased volume of traffic and higher percentage of commissions. So it’s been a really effective process, one that I’d repeat again should the need arise.”


Jess Redfern – Senior People Manager – Makers Academy

Company size: 11-50 employees

Project: People Assistant

With Workfinder’s help we were able to find someone incredibly aligned to our mission and vision at Makers for a placement in the People Team. They’ve been with us for just under a month and have already added so much value to our people processes and initiatives by alleviating pressure, and enabling us to level up our impact across the business. Having a small people team, it’s personally been great having someone with fresh energy, ideas, and experiences to work alongside and drive improvements with.”


Lydia Smith – Examinations Delivery Manager – The Language Shop

Company size: 51-200 employees

Project: Logo redesign

“Fionnuala joined our team to support the redesign of our logo, and what a fabulous addition she was! Having been using the same logo for 15+ years, the task was rather a momentous one, but something that Fionnuala handled with great professionalism and creativity. In just two weeks, Fionnuala completed thorough market research, the ideation and design of numerous iterations, while having the opportunity to present her brilliant designs to our Management team. While Fionnuala benefitted from being able to put into practice skills learned throughout her degree in a business environment, she helped us reach a final design which encapsulated our brand and ethos perfectly – something we had been struggling to do ourselves for months. We cannot praise Fionnuala, or the Workfinder team for helping us connect, enough. What a positive, rewarding and successful experience!”



Martlet portfolio companies have access to a 20% discount on placement fees when you register through the link below.

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Benefit statements

A single location to reach millions of young people

Workfinder provides a single location where you can reach millions of technically skilled young people from across the UK who can join you on demand. Built through unique partnerships that are curated purposefully to always bring the best talent to the table, these young people can pick up ongoing activities or help deliver intermittent critical projects at the time when you most need help.

Onboard quickly and see impact from day one

Discover exceptionally fast onboarding using their tried, tested and bias-free pre-written templates & role descriptions, each with step-by-step schedules to support your young people through their daily activities and work towards a commercial goal.

Workfinder support their ongoing training

Relax knowing that their interns have access to online courses, masterclasses and mentors to upskill and continue their training as needed, reducing the cost of taking on an intern for you and increasing the quality of the output for your business.

Start-up to scale-up and beyond.

They’re there for you at every stage of your journey. From their micro-suited free option to their fully customisable white-labelled pages. Discover their different plans and see how Workfinder can enable frictionless onboarding and immediate access to young talent ready to join you on-demand.

Workfinder connects with millions of skilled young people across the UK, offer them upskilling opportunities alongside their studies and connect them to you to deliver high-impact work in your business.