Psyomics launches digital mental health assessment platform Censeo

February 12, 2022

Psyomics’ releases their original digital mental health assessment “Censeo” directly to consumers, to help people gain a better understanding of their mental health and support their commercialisation within the UK healthcare market.

Cambridge-based health-tech company Psyomics, has opened up access to its online mental health assessment platform, Censeo, for the first time ever to individual users.

Built by psychiatrists, Censeo mirrors the rich process of a face-to-face psychiatric assessment, in a digital form. The user is guided through a series of adaptive questions to build a detailed picture of their mental health concerns and symptoms. A comprehensive report is created that includes potential conditions, contributing factors and recommendations for next steps. When used within a healthcare setting, Censeo supports clinicians with more efficient decision making and helps to get more patients into the right care pathway.

Recognising the potential for making a positive impact on more people’s lives, Psyomics have this week released the platform directly for consumers, enabling individuals to complete an assessment and use the results themselves, with no need for a referral.

Making the assessment more widely available will also help Psyomics gather additional direct feedback & learnings from end-users, to help inform the continuous development of the product and enhance how the platform is utilised within healthcare services.

The digital assessment was piloted within GP practices last year, receiving positive feedback from both GPs and patients. Comments centred around the increase in efficiency, supporting onward referrals and helping patients to feel more informed and confident when discussing the best treatment options.

As Psyomics continues commercialising the platform within the UK healthcare market, a number of NHS Trusts are on board to begin using Censeo within their services, to help assessing teams gain a better view of each individual’s needs at the outset and to improve triaging and care planning.

Mental health conditions affect more than 1 in 4 of us at any one time, yet access to support can take a long time and be complicated to navigate. Psyomics are driving innovation within the healthcare system in order to help more people access the right support for their mental health needs, at the time they need it.

Stephanie Martlew, who joined as CEO in October of last year, says “We hope that by making Censeo available to the public, those that are not already being supported with their mental health can use it to understand more about their mental health and receive recommendations of what to do next.”

As a University of Cambridge spin out, built on twenty years of clinical research – including The Delta Trial and feedback from service user groups, GPs, and clinicians – Censeo has been developed to bring together the needs of both patients and healthcare practitioners, to make a positive impact across the whole healthcare system.

For any mental health services or companies who are interested in discussing Censeo please visit and get in touch for more information.

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